BDR Birthdays

Blue Dog would like to say special thanks to our BDR Birthday guys and gals!

Want to throw your own? Simply contact us by filling out the photo release waiver.
  • Kristin

    Happy Birthday Kristin! Thank you so much, for asking your friends and family to donate to Blue Dog in lieu of gifts for yourself.

  • Samantha

    Samantha had a birthday and all her guests brought gifts for Blue Dog. Way to go Samantha!

  • Fin

    Thanks to Fin and Hanke from the Blue Dogs. Delicious kibble for all!

  • Vogel

    It rained dog supplies at Vogel's Blue Dog Birthday. Woot!

  • Harper

    Milkbones and squeaky toys vs cake and presents. We think its wonderful that Harper chose to donate her gifts to Blue Dog.

  • Nate

    Fun was had by all, as Nate's friends picked out gifts for Blue Dog, on Nate's birthday!

  • Summer

    Summer's presents came in the form of dog toys this year and we can't thank her enough.

  • Ari

    Ari's friends really stepped it up in donating to Blue Dog for her birthday.

  • Kylie

    The pups thank Kylie for selflessly asking her party guests to donate dog supplies to us in lieu of gifts!

  • Nick

    Wonderful time at Nick's Blue Dog birthday party!