12 months old
Bulldog Mix
Expected Weight
25 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Little Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
Cat Friendly

Oh Artimus! Everyone he meets squeals in delight because, let's be honest, he's a looker. Artimus (aka Arti) was surrendered to Blue Dog Rescue by his owner who could not afford his medical care. Arti was born with Spina Bifida (which is a common birth defect in English Bulldogs). Spina Bifida happens in utero. Arti's spine did not properly form at the base. In most cases this can mean total paralysis in the back legs. Luckily Arti has feeling in his back legs. His legs are weakened but he gets around just fine. The main issue is that Artimus is completely incontinent. He will never have control over his poop and pee. He is a diaper dog for life. Arti is looking for a very specific home with a family that can devote time and money to Arti. He is on a very specific (and expensive) diet. He requires diaper changes throughout the day so being with someone who works from home is a must. He is prone to urinary tract infections so needs to be seen by a vet on a fairly regular basis. He's a full time commitment so please only submit an application if you think you can meet the criteria. In other news, Arti is a sweet boy who craves human attention. He's a smuggler. He lives with 4 other dogs and spends a lot of time trying to be their friend, but for the most part, dogs don't warm up to Arti. Other dogs don't know what to make of him. Don't worry. His human foster family gives him all the love.

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