Cotton-Eyed Joe

12 years old
Poodle Mix
Expected Weight
12.5 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Little Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
Cat Friendly

This little guy is as sweet as they come. He is about a year old and by the looks of it, it's been a rough life up to this point. There are healing bite marks on his sweet face and he is being treated for demodex mange (not contagious), probably due to the stress of his past situation. Initially he had trust issues with men, but is slowly coming out of his shell and has decided that my husband and son are OK, and will even sit on their laps now. Cotton-Eyed Joe wants a forever home where he will be given lots and lots of love to help that first year of his life be a distant memory.

Because his medical costs are significant, any donations toward these costs are greatly appreciated!

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