10 years old
French BulldogĀ American Staffordshire Terrier
Expected Weight
35 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Cricket is a special pup who grew up with little human attention and survived the floods of central Texas. That event changed her future for the better and she is now on her way to find that perfect family that can appreciate her sweet intelligence and strong spirit. The orthopedic specialist determined that this girl was born with a genetic malformation of her front legs that prevents her from fully straightening them when standing and walking. To Cricket, her legs are normal and she is unaware that she is physically different from all of her dog playmates. She can run and play when she likes and she can be the laziest pup ever when she likes. Cricket completed basic dog training classes with a strong finish, continues using and building muscles she never knew she had, and has figured out that it's fun to be a dog who is a loved member of a family. She is smart, cute, sweet and ready to join her own family when the right fit comes along. If you would like to meet Cricket, please fill out an application below.

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