5 years old
Labrador Retriever St. Bernard
Expected Weight
104 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Being part of a rescue group can be very difficult at times. Duke's story is one of those times when you really have to dig deep and give it all you have. Duke was born at a puppy mill and then sold to a chain pet store at 6 weeks. I'm sure he was a scared little puppy from the very start. He was then bought at 7 weeks and up until the end of June 2021 lived in more fear, abuse and neglect. Duke was locked in a closet most of the time, told he was a bad dog and went days without food and water. His owner would not give him up for almost a year and a half.

Duke is now living the life he should have always had. One full of love, TLC and never a harsh word. You would think after all the abuse that he would be fearful and aggressive towards humans. That is not the case with Duke. He craves love, soft words, big bowls of food and lots of playtime and exercise. He rewards his foster family with wet kisses, big tail wags and loves to sit and be hugged. We have spent hours loving on this big lump of love and are looking for a forever home that will continue to cherish him for always.

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