Elle Phant

4 years old
Labrador Retriever Mix
Expected Weight
50 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Elle came from the Gonzales Shelter, where a good citizen took her after finding her on the side of the road. It appears she may have been hit by a car and might have a small skull fracture. There is a large abscess in the area and she is first being treated with medication to help with that and the swelling before further assessment can be made. Elle is about 8 weeks old and weighs 8 pounds and she is such a sweet girl to have such a rough start.

UPDATE: Good news, the abscess is all cleared up and no skull fracture.
She starting scratching a lot and we found out she has demodex mange. This poor girl cannot get a break. It is the non contagious form of mange so that is good. Medicine, baths and good food will take care of the mange. Elle doesn't let any of this get her down. She is a happy go lucky puppy. She loves everyone, every dog and playing with dog toys.
Elle will go to the Vet for a recheck on 11/9.

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