7 years old
Chihuahua Dachshund
Expected Weight
14 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
Cat Friendly

Laverne is Shirley's big sis and we think she may be a Chiweenie! We've been working on commands and so far she is good at COME, SIT, and GO TO BED. SHAKE is in the works. Laverne gets along great with all dogs (all sizes) and one cat in her foster home. She would probably do best in a home with a buddy. Laverne also loves to play Chase and drag all of her toys out of the toy box. Snuggling is her job and she is very good at it! Maybe she's warming up in an arm pit nook of a large dog or maybe cinnamon bun style on top of their elevated feeder. Where ever little 9lb. Laverne lays her head is home. She's very easy going and brave in new situations like going out for FroYo or a car ride to explore Austin. Even her vet said she was great for exams.

Laverne is almost done recovering from a noncontagious form of mange called Demodex Mange. We are very optimistic about her next skin scrape test. Check out her before and after photos! Laverne did not have the best start in life but she has hit the jackpot now! Blue Dog wants to send her on to enjoy the best life a family can give and support her passion for creative snuggling.

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