11 years old
Anatolian Shepherd DogĀ Golden Retriever
Expected Weight
60 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Lexi began her journey here at Blue Dog with some pretty severe hair loss (demodex mange). This can occur in dogs whose immune systems are compromised, are under intense stress, or may be malnourished. THE GOOD NEWS is that she is not contagious and her condition is quickly improving! Lucky girl has found a soft place to land and with medication, good groceries, and time she has become a beautiful princess. She was already beautiful at heart with a sweet, friendly disposition and a willingness to learn and love her very own family. * Progress! Lexi's hair is filling in and she is a happy girl! * The Princess has finally mastered jumping into the car!!! Loves car rides, just took awhile to figure out how to get in. Let's see, that means, SIT, SHAKE, DOWN, CAR accomplished! And.... that beautiful fur is growing back. What a cute little blond girl.

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