7 years old
Lhasa Apso Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Expected Weight
18 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Little Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Don’t let his size fool you! Otto was born to chase squirrels and if there’s an opportunity to run around outside, he’ll take it! He’s a fan of other animals and is a decent brother to his foster family’s chickens. Otto’s got a voracious appetite and will enjoy some rather curious 'street food' while out on walks. He probably hears, “What are you eating?!” more than anything else. Otto is sweet and spunky but with reservations. He’s apprehensive/shy/anxious around humans but loves being around other dogs. For that reason, we think it’s best if he goes to a home that already has another dog. As a side note, it was previously noted that Otto was allergic to cats. We are no longer sure if that's the case but as a precaution, it may be best to avoid cats at this time.

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