Percy Fitzwallace

18 years old
Pomeranian Papillon
Expected Weight
20 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Little Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
Cat Friendly

Meet the ever so handsome Percy Fitzwallace! This darling little bear cub was rescued from the local city shelter after his elderly owner developed dementia and could no longer care for him. One look at that face and we knew we had to give him a chance at another happy home.
It turns out that Percy has the disposition to match his perfect face. He is calm, happy, great with every dog and person he has met. He is completely laid back but loves romping around the back yard and gets really excited when his foster dad gets home from work - not much better than being greeted by a happy, wagging dog when you get home!

Percy is a very young 10 years old. We feel strongly that senior dogs that end up in the shelter deserve to live out their lives in a wonderful home vs. a shelter. And many of these dogs have lots of years left in them! Percy received a clean bill of health from our vet and he has demonstrated no signs of slowing down. And at just 18 pounds he is easy to pop in the car and become an awesome co-pilot!

Percy is looking for a home where he can go on a few walks, cuddle up on the couch with some Netflix, and maybe share your popcorn!

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