1 year old
Terrier Mix
Expected Weight
20 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

It was a few days before Christmas and sweet Pernell had been hit by a car. His owners did not seek medical attention for him, and he laid in pain. His owner then dumped him at a rural shelter. It was now Christmas, and everyone went home for their holidays leaving Pernell with no medical care or pain meds. Blue Dog Rescue got a call on December 30th about Pernell and drove for hours to pick him up. He spent less than 30 minutes at his foster home, and it was apparent that he needed emergency care.

Pernell spent the next two days at the emergency vet receiving treatments for infection, dehydration and was given pain medications. On January 2nd he was moved to Blue Dog's regular vet and spent the next 10 days continuing to fight off the infection. He was finally strong enough to have his right front leg amputated as it was just to damaged to be saved.

Pernell then spent the next month healing and growing stronger. You should see him now. He can run as fast as lighting. Having three legs has not slowed him down. He plays with his foster buddies, can jump high in the air and showers his foster family with lots of love and affection. He is now ready to venture on and meet his new family. He is a fighter and a gem of a fellow all rolled into one.

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