Professor Snugglebum

8 years old
Terrier Mix
Expected Weight
30 lbs
Activity Level
Dog Friendly

Professor Snugglebum is the expert on snuggles. He says all snuggles are good, the full body snuggle or even the curl up in your lap snuggle. Professor says a snuggle a day keeps the doctor away. Even if it's just a side by side snuggle why you watch tv. His favorite snuggles are flat on his back while you hold him in your arms. Although snuggling nose to nose with a couple kisses is good too. The professor grabs as many snuggles as he can. He is not picky anyone or any dog will do. Yes, he even likes snuggling with the dogs. Professor Snugglebum also needs his exercise and loves to run with his doggie buddies. He is always up for a game of chase and tug with the dog toys.

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