2 years old
German Shepherd Dog Mix
Expected Weight
50 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Scout was a very sick, stray pup who was helped by a good citizen who worked to win his trust and a group of rescue volunteers who jumped in and made the rescue happen. He quickly joined the Blue Dog family and began the recovery process. Scout came in with a severe case of demodex mange, yeast and bacterial skin infections, heartworms, and malformed hip sockets in both legs due to genetics. He is making great progress and has just completed his second hip surgery. After a long road of medical treatment and tender care by his foster family, he has become a handsome, healthy boy. Due to Scout's many medical conditions that had to be addressed, it now looks like he will be available for adoption by May. Scout does well with his foster family dogs and humans and enjoys all of their companionship and playtime. Any donations to help Scout recover are greatly appreciated and will be used wisely.

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