8 years old
Blue Lacy Mix
Expected Weight
50 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

ADOPTED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Velour is a Blue Lacy, which is the state dog of Texas. She even has a white star on her chest. Velour has the softest coat and her ears are even softer. Velour gets a long great with the resident dogs, she is always trying to get them to play. She loves any kind of dog toy. Velour is learning that pants, toes and fingers are not dog toys, no matter how available they are to chew on. She is also learning to sit for petting but that little wiggle butte has a hard time not moving. Velour is very smart and is catching on quickly. She is pretty active so she is looking for a family that has time to train, play and love on her. She isn't all energy, she does love to cuddle when it's nap time and in the evening for a little TV time. First thing in the morning, she needs a few kisses before it's potty time. She has sugar toes too.

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