14 years old
English Cocker Spaniel Mix
Expected Weight
32 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly
Little Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly

Nick lived his whole life on a hunting ranch retrieving birds. While out doing his job, he ran straight into some cactus, and ended up with 8 cactus thorns in his eye. They were surgically removed, but it resulted in a corneal injury that left him visually impaired in that eye. His owners lost all interest in him, and were about to have him put down. Well that was not going to happen on Blue Dog's watch, and Nick is now safe, being pampered and loved. Nick is a wonderful senior who would love a chance in a home where he is loved and valued for being a great dog, and not a way of making a dollar. His eye injury does not stop him from loving life, and he is so grateful for every pet and hug he receives.

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