13 years old
Chihuahua Mix
Expected Weight
9 lbs
Activity Level
Big Kid Friendly

Petula was found, one rainy evening, bumping into everything in her way. Yes, believe it or not, someone dumped a blind dog on the streets. Luckily a nice couple took her in and contacted Blue Dog. The vet feels Petula has been blilnd for a very long time. There is a lot of scar tissue over the lenses of her eyes. Her nails had also grown so long that they were curled, and poking into the pads of her feet. Lots has changed for Petula over the last few weeks. She is safe, warm, had a pedicure and has been treated for a bacterial skin infection. She spends her days snoozing in a soft bed or sunning herself on the deck. She does a great job of following your voice commands, and is happy to snuggle into your lap. Petula prefers to be the queen of the castle and an only dog.

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